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Your Risk Adviser began in 2007 to provide general insurance solutions to small and medium businesses in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region.

In 2010 Your Risk Adviser began focusing on working with select industry groups, to develop market leading insurance solutions at competitive prices. These niche industry services are marketed under the Insurance HQ brands such as Miners Insurance HQ, Gym Insurance HQ and Truck Insurance HQ etc. and finally in 2016 our primary business operations fell under the Insurance HQ brand as well.

Over the years Your Risk Adviser and staff have received several awards in recognition of the high quality work we do from National Adviser Services and Insurance Business Magazine.



Your Risk Adviser is now our corporate broking division, continuing to provide services to high value and corporate clients. We provide our services in a way unique to the Australian market and which provides a higher level of service, control and cost saving to the client.

Your Risk Adviser will manage all aspects of your insurance portfolio design, marketing and implementation as well as manage all claims, assessment and site inspections on your behalf.

Our service is suitable for those paying $30,000+ in insurance premiums, but has proven extremely popular with business paying $100,000 – $500,000 in premiums.


Our corporate insurance solution, is best described as an outsourced extension of your own finance and management team. We will work with you to understand your insurance history, needs and future goals.

We will identify the hours it will take to have your own insurance adviser manager your portfolio including claims and what sort of future policy benefits could be hoped to be achieved.

By working on a flat fee arrangement , with no commission and with you involved in the outcomes of your insurance portfolio each year, most clients achieve a short term premium saving of 5 – 25%, with further savings each year.


A client pays $120,000 for insurance premiums annually excluding fees. Within the premium is $14,500 in commission, and a typical broker fee of an additional $5,000 – $25,000.

Under our model we would remove all commissions, and assuming an annual workload of 80 hours to manage the portfolio including annual remarketing and claims management the cost would be $12,000.

This would represent a saving to the client of $3,805 on their premium alone (as government charges applied on top of commission) plus the additional broker fee of $5,000 – $25,000.


There are very few businesses that we are unable to help to achieve both short and long term insurance savings for, whilst maximising coverage.

We work with many larger family run businesses, who simply want more control over their insurance portfolio, whilst reducing costs and headaches.

We also work with larger, corporate businesses. Some of whom include :

  • Resort Developer / Management Firm with insurable interests throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia.
  • One of Australia’s largest cabinet making and shop fitting businesses.
  • Commercial/Residential Strata Property with assets exceeding $550m.
  • Major Australian seafood importer and distributor.
  • Leading Australian stockfeed manufacturer.
  • Bulk Commodity Importer, exporter and trader.
  • Luxury Fibreglass Yacht Manufacturer/Importer.
  • Aluminium Boat Builder
  • Forestry and logging company including processing and exporting services.
  • Agricultural company including meat processing and exporting activities.
  • Large South East QLD residential builder.
  • Non Profit organisation involved in diverse range of government funded community service sectors.


Depending what industry you are involved in and the anticipated work load in managing your portfolio, will dictate which of our specialist advisers will work with you.

Each specialist is supported by 1 – 2 qualified brokers and this team of 2 to 3 will be your primary contact points, to assist with your day to day insurance portfolio management and claims needs.


There are several large international brokers in Australia such as AON, Marsh, AJG & Willis who operate in the corporate space. These brokerages however do not operate any differently to a small surburban broker, other than dealing with higher value clients.

Many of these corporate brokers, rely on extensive renewal questionaires to be completed annually, as most of the actual work performed on your account is done by a generic processing pool, located either centrally here in Australia or for many like AON abroad in Asia.

Working with only a handful of clients means our advisers will know your business inside and out, with only your team ever working on your file. We do not require complicated forms to be completed annually and for many clients we only need 3 – 6 questions answered annually.

We have completely flipped the broking model and operate more along the lines of an accounting firm than brokerage. We do not quote or compete against other brokers to win your account, rather we manage your account and include you in the decision making process for what outcome is to be achieved each year and what resources are needed to achieve this outcome.

For many businesses there will be a shift annually in the goals we are hoping to achieve and these can include :

  • Reducing premiums
  • Increasing coverage
  • Implementing claims minimisation stratergies
  • Simplifying insurance portfolio complexity
  • Alternative Insurance model development


Most brokers are only concerned with keeping premiums low, to ensure that in the event of an alternate broker quoting that the account is kept. We have no such concerns and are happy to explore on your behalf the various cover and price options and provide unbiased recommendations.


The first step will be to contact our office via phone, online chat or email so that we can discuss your business and goals. We will than look to get a copy of ALL your insurance policies , so that we can ascertain what workload is involved and provide an initial estimate in terms of costs and savings.

If you are happy with our initial estimates and discussions we will have further discussions to better understand your business and provide a formal costing.

Please note that for many businesses, we often find significant issues with coverage or lack of coverage. These issues can require additional time in the first year to rectify and can incur additional costs for such thing as remote site visits etc. These additional costs will be highlighted so that you can ascertain what the annual standard should be.